Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mammoth Mountail Vacation

We just returned from our first vacation of the year. We drove down to Eastern California just below Yosemite. Why, you ask???(ME TOO!) Jerry wanted to race his motorcycle. Yes, another motorcycle vacation. I gave in. I needed to get away after 6 months without enough time off from HP to keep my sanity.

It was hot and way up in the mountains. This town mad Philomath look really big. One good thing that we got to do was stop in Bodie, CA. It is a ghost town in eastern California. It was really cool to see all of the history. Malia really likes it, but Zack thought that it was stupid.

I also got a new camera for our anniversary gift. I love my new camera. It is sooooo cool. I took so many pictures that it took me two hours to download them all.

Back to the story............
We spent a few days at the motorcycle track and Jerry made it to the main event to figure out that he was actually 50 years old and the younger boys are insane. I thought that part was hilarious.

Malia decided that her little swimming towel, which has Ariel on it was a hat. She took the towel and put the corner on her head. Then she took that Vans hat(that she got for free at the track) on over the top. She put her swimming goggles on and started rapping about what a pimp the queen princess was. I got a video of her singing "Yo, yo I am Ariel, the rap star and I want ya'll to listen up." The camera was jumping around so much because I was laughing so hard. She is such a comedian.

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