Monday, September 14, 2009

Our trip to Maui

I love Hawaii! We just got back a few weeks ago. We decided to take the kids and take a much needed break. We took them back to where we had gone before because of the skate parks(for Zack) and all the kids activities.

This is the courtyard of our hotel. It was so beautiful!

Here we have Zack's creative luggage skills. Who says you can't get anywhere being lazy.

This is after our lei making class. Yes, we all made the leis we are wearing.

This was at the magic show. All the kids get to go on stage.

Even Jerry got to go onstage. For some reason he still can't figure out how he cut her in half.

The kids took ukelele lessons. They are actually pretty good.

This is how Malia jumps off of black rock. It took her a half hour and some threats. She finally jumped.

Zack is jumping off of the rock. This was at the urging of Mark(cousins husband). He is very convincing.

They really, really liked the boogie boarding.

This was the wall of the old fort in Lahaina. It is made out of coral. Malia really loved the historic places that we got to see.

This is the waterfall that we hiked 2 miles to see. We went through the bamboo forest and had a blast. (I can't upload images apparently)

This is walking through the bamboo forest.

Here is a picture of the family. The kids are thrilled about the 2 mile hike. They did like it once they got into the bamboo.

Here is a cool banyon tree that we walked by. It was HUGGGEEEE!!!!!!

We went to the 7 pools. So many things to do and so little time.

The 7 pools! It was beautiful!!

Hiking to the pools!!

Posing in front of the ocean. That is the big Island of Hawaii in the background.

The state park right outside of Hana. We loved the black sand beach and all of the stuff to look at.

The road to Hana! You gotta love it.

We had plenty of time for sandcastles and boogie boarding. In fact my back and butt still hurt from trying to teach them how to dive through the big waves. I think I bruised my tailbone.

We had a blast! We took the kids snorkling for the first time. They loved it. We got to see manarays and giant turtles.

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